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Publicado em 14 de Janeiro de 2009 por Olegario Schmitt

“Desire is fulfilled in the delight of loving”

Publicado em 18 de junho de 2005 por Olegario Schmitt

Série Lightpainting

It’s not that I’m afraid of being hurt again:
Nothing again can either hurt or heal.
I have thought at moments that the ecstasy is real
Although those who experience it may have no reality.
For what happened is remembered like a dream
In which one is exalted by intensity of loving
In the spirit, a vibration of delight
Without desire, for desire is fulfilled
In the delight of loving. A state one does not know
When awake. But what, or whom I love,
Or what in me was loving, I do not know.
And if all that is meaningless, I want to be cured
Of a craving for something I cannot find
And of the shame of never finding it.

T. S. Eliot

In: The Cocktail Party (1950)

Amor é carga… que não pesa!

Publicado em 20 de Maio de 2005 por Olegario Schmitt

Série Flores

Com tanto amor
Beijo teus lábios…
Carrego-te comigo!

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