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Special to the “New York Times”

Publicado em 22 de julho de 2005 por Olegario Schmitt

Still "frozen-whitened", a field at the sunrise in Boca do Monte, district of Santa Maria City

These Gaucho towns have its peculiarities, a modus vivendi out of the national pattern, if one does exist. These characteristics are more visible at winter times, when fields rise, in local expression, “frozen-whitened”.

Winter temperatures varying between 23 and 59 °F, make essential the presence of a wood stove, working like some kind of fireplace, with the advantage that you can cook over it, merging together usefull cooking with very pleasant warming.

Long time ago, mom tells me, used to snow regularly around here and, she also says, we used to have four well defined seasons a year.

Although actually, making cold in summer and heat in winter, still snows on the mountains sometimes and the Minuano Wind resists bravelly. Cruel, it passes through gaucho clothes as a real knife made only of cold, dropping down the thermal sensation to some degrees less than thermometers show.

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