How to be a perfect coward

Step-by-step guide


How to be a perfect coward

Step-by-step guide

Publicado em 19 de Março de 2005 por Olegario Schmitt

Homem Andando - Ernesto di Fiori (1937)

first you
put her in a deep illusion
with fake promises,
             but should
take a little care too,
otherwise she will
suspect of you.

build a net of lies,
take her to that point
where she lies
beneath your feet
             and then
go further a little bit.

say you love her
             — even if you don’t —
act like a dog
jogging yourself out like
a prince-frog.

so if she
asks you for the truth,
don’t be shy
             and lie again
— once more wouldn’t take to
that hell of conciense, would it?

finally, act like a pig
             and dig
your own grave
jig inside
and stay there alone
             and alive.

now that it’s all done
and you’ve learned how
to be a perfect coward,
             just rest in peace
in your life’s backyard.

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